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Just a bit about how I started in cats and my thinking on breeding and raising animals.
I have been involved in animals since....before I can remember!  My mother showed and trained field dogs and I was in the ring by the time I was 7 years of age.  At age 13 we moved to a more rural area and bought a few horses.  Those few turned into a horse farm were we trained, bred and showed Morgan horses.  My parents still own this farm and are back down to just "a few".
Fast forward a few years.

I married and moved to Big Rapids, MI.  Here I became involved in fostering animals for a local rescue.  Eventually I opened my own rescue on a small scale and ended up rescuing and adopting out several hundred animals of all kinds. 
I fell in love with the German Shepherd breed after rescuing one from the pound that had heartworms and was nearly starved to death.  He's still here!  I started out in the sport of Schutzhund and bought several import dogs.  Unfortunately space and time were limited and I am back down to just a "few" (3) German Shepherds. 
My love of developing a quality animal for the public and for other breeders did not diminish.  I love to watch puppies and kittens grow into strong and beautiful adults who are a joy to their owners.  Hence I am now involved in Bengals.  I could not find another breed of cat that brought me as much joy as the Bengal cat can.  They are playful, dog-like and full of the love of life!  When I am ready to just cuddle, so are they. 
Welcome to the wild, wild world of the Bengal.  I'm sure you'll love to stay!

I am by no means a cat expert and I am learning on a daily basis.  I've met some very helpful breeders on my search for foundation cats and I appreciate all the advice and encouragement  I've gotten so far on this exciting journey! 

Me training one of the dogs at our Schutzhund club

Yep they live with cats no problem!  I get asked constantly how my German Shepherds like their cats for dinner.  It's all in the training and a deep respect for what's MINE.

My male going after the "bad" guy

Taking a little nap after training

And one of the Morgan fillies